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Everything You Need To Build A Thriving Online Store For Your Band

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I help you create an awesome Shopify Onlinestore and Website for your Band, that is easy to maintain and will bring you the cash you need to run your band and a place to connect with your fans. I call it the Online Merch Table.

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Why Trust Me?

I am neither an employee at Shopify, nor do they pay me. I simply believe that Shopify is the best e-commerce platform in the world. I am running a successful sports brand with Shopify and helped a good number of people from all backgrounds launch their stores.

I also played in countless bands myself and know the hustle and hazzle of the selling merch and staying in touch with your fans very well. I would not recommend Shopify if I wasn’t 100% convinced that it is the (often overseen) best choice for bands and solo musicians. 

My Unfair Advantage

What is an Online Merch Table?

Your Online Merch Table is the place where you showcase and sell your goods and connect with your fans. Just like the real merch table at live shows, it’s where everyone wants to hang out, when the band is not playing. Your fans can see what you have created, buy stuff, meet the band and hear the latest news.

Your Online Merch Table can easily be built online with Shopify.

Let Me Show You How

Bands and musicians are always broke. They can’t afford their most important projects like recording albums or going on tour, let alone making a living. I help you set up Your Own Band Store in Shopify. With your new Online Merch Table you will sell more merch and music, earn more money and connect with your fans. It’s the fastest way to become a truly independent artist.

Why Your Band Should Have an Online Merch Tabel

Running a band is running a business. It costs money to record albums, go on tour, shoot videos and buy gear. The cd is dead and shares of digital music sales and streams are extremely low. Even if you have a record label handling this for you, don’t expect to receive any noteworthy money from them. 

To ensure a constant cashflow you have to take action yourself. Selling Merchandise (T-Shirts, Sweater, Shorts, Bags, Caps, Accessories, but also limited Vinyl, Box Sets and Bundles) is the biggest and most reliable source of income for any band. Sure, you can hand over your merchandise duties to a professional retailer such as Impericon, Krasserstoff, Merch Cowboy or your record label, but then you are giving away a good share of your money for a job you can easily do yourself. Running your own Band Merch Store allows you to showcase your merch even when not on tour, earn money and connect closely with your fans. 

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Why Shopify?

Shopify is the best e-commerce platform on the market. Period. It is very (!) easy to use and comes out the box with all the tools and features you need as a band, plus some more. Top requirements like a website builder (Yes, your Online Merch Table will also be your Band Website), marketing tools, multi-sale-channel integration, a very smart stock management or 24/7 support are all built in. Everything else you need, you can get at the Shopify App Store. Oh, and they’re from Canada. Canada is cool.

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